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about ME


I never wanted to be a photographer. I didn’t even want maternity photos during my first pregnancy. And then…it was too late.

My first pregnancy ended two months prematurely, very suddenly and traumatically. I missed the only opportunity I had to document what that young, pregnant version of myself was like. I wish I could go back in time, look into her eyes and see the sparkle and wonder of novelty. My experience of early motherhood wasn’t like anything I expected and that rocked my world and shook me to my core. But when I finally landed on my feet, I saw the world differently.

Time sped up. My tiny baby was growing and changing so quickly. My priorities changed. I changed. I saw that the hard, the mundane, and the lovely moments were weaving together to become the nest that would hold everything most important in my life.

A few weeks before my son had his first birthday, I picked up my first “big” camera, dove in, and vowed to not miss documenting any more moments, the big ones or the small ones, of my family.

I fell in love with the artistry, creativity, and process, but mostly, I fell in love with connecting over one of the most beautiful and sacred gifts in this world, motherhood, children, and families. 

my favorite things:


Part of motherhood

More than anything, I love how motherhood has changed me to become a better version of myself: stronger yet softer, more gentle and patient, more sentimental and appreciative of our current seasons.  


guilty pleasure

Skincare! I especially love making skin teas from organic ingredients at home, and my never ending quest to crack my own code for glowing skin! 



Aside from family time and outdoor adventures, I love working in my flower gardens and being able to brighten up a room with a fresh bouquet!



Dutch Babies with sauteed cinnamon apples for any (and every) meal of the day, please!  



My wonderful husband of 12 years, Josh, and our two children, Rhett & Lottie. Starting our own family is the one and only reason I am a photographer. 


part of my job

I love being part of such a special and fleeting season of life. Creating intimate, memorable, and dreamy moments near the end of pregnancy, and being an encourager to each of the new mothers who step into my studio! 

about you

Our clients are seekers of beauty, lovers of gorgeous sunsets, and intimate family moments.

Our clients crave relationally focused, non-distracting, organic images. They love an impactful, fine art aesthetic. Simple with just the right touch of extravagance. Our clients appreciate luxury where it counts, and value relationships over all else!
Does this sound like you? Inquire with us.

Does this sound like you? Inquire with us.




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