Tips for a Winter Maternity Session

January 19, 2023

I am a wife, mother, and photographer who is determined to give you and your loved ones timeless and organic keepsake images that will captivate your heart forever.
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January 2023, Portland Oregon – Cowgill Family

Everyone loves a glowing summery maternity session, no doubt, but what do you do if you’re due in the middle of the winter? When your perfect, 31-32 weeks of gestation falls right in the cold of December or January when it feels like there is no sunshine, let alone a gorgeous sunset, and it’s cold and wet and windy?

To that I say, do not despair, soon-to-be, Mama! I am going to let you in on a little secret: babies are born year-round, and I believe that all pregnancies deserve their moment in the spotlight, regardless of the time of year, season, and weather!

So what do we do? If you’re expecting and find yourself needing a maternity session in late winter, keep reading for a few great tips and ideas!

Location, location, location.

Location matters! Embrace the season, and head to a mountain! If it’s cold and rainy in Portland, it’s likely to be snowy at the mountain, so make an adventure of it! Your older kiddos will love it, too! Head to Mt. Hood, Larch, or even Powell Butte or Cooper Mountain!

If outdoor sessions aren’t a MUST for you, then you can plan for an indoor studio session. They are intimate, just as beautiful, and most importantly, they are dry and warm! Plan to rent a large indoor studio, greenhouse, an AirBnB, or plan to have your session at EPP’s in-home studio in Troutdale.

What you wear always matters!

Dear goodness, friend, there is no need to pretend you’re immune to the cold. We are not Princess Elsa. Please wear seasonally appropriate dress clothes! If you wear a single layer cotton dress, you’ll freeze and your pictures will show your discomfort (and red noses!), so please wear something that is actually warm! Think of cozy sweaters, white wool coat, neutral scarf, hat or beanie, and layers. I always aim for natural looking photos, and there is nothing natural about wearing a thin, summery dress in the middle of the winter here in Oregon. I say, layer up and stick hand-warmers in your pockets. You can thank me later!

Plan for a backup weather date.

The only outdoor weather we don’t really want to be shooting in is the pouring rain. It’s not good for hair and makeup or clothes, it’s not good for my gear, or our morale. So let’s choose a date, and have a rainout back-up date already penciled in. If a back-up date is not an option, then plan for an indoor session!

Embrace the season: Plan for the worst, hope for the best!

I myself had a baby due in January (born in December). I didn’t plan it that way, in fact it took over a year of actively trying before we were blessed with my first pregnancy. I know many of my clients can relate. Babies and pregnancies come when they come! I totally understand the feeling of having a baby during a very busy, dark, and cold time of the year. But, if your maternity session is in the winter, it’s in the winter! It’s absolutely worth documenting, celebrating, and embracing the beauty of the season! I don’t “take off” December and there aren’t any months that I don’t shoot both indoors and outdoors. I will always work with you to give you the maternity photos of your dreams!

And if you really want a summer golden hour session, your baby’s 6-month milestone photos should be perfect timing for a summery family session! 🙂

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I am a wife, mother, and photographer who is determined to give you and your loved ones timeless and organic keepsake images that will captivate your heart forever.

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